Addiction Treatment

If you or a loved one is struggling with addiction and you’d like to seek treatment, our professionals are here to help.

What is Addiction?

Addiction refers to a difficulty in controlling certain repetitive behaviours to the extent that they have harmful consequences. They are the result of powerful compulsions to use and do certain things excessively, often out of a need to escape from upsetting emotions or situations. These compulsions can trigger a self-perpetuating process, which can cause pain and suffering not only for those with the problem, but for their loved ones too.

Addictions can develop from what may be fairly innocent, or at least common social habits. Drinking alcohol, gambling, eating, taking drugs and using the internet can all turn from what is considered a common activity, to a darker, more destructive compulsion.

Addictions may come from the way these activities and habits make people feel, both emotionally and physically. They can be pleasurable – a form of escapism for someone who perhaps is going through a difficult time. But this moment of pleasure can trigger a powerful need to continue the habit or activity, over and over, in order to feel that way again.

What are the signs?

In many cases, people with addictions are not aware of the problem, nor are they aware of the impact it is having on their lives, or on the lives of those around them. If the addiction has come from a trauma – perhaps a past event, an accident or a mental health issue, they may be unable to break out of the addiction on their own, and more support will be needed.

For many, it’s not as easy as stopping the habit. Addiction recovery takes time, patience and a lot of support from loved ones. The person will need to take the steps to understand what may have caused the addiction and learn how to not only overcome it but manage their feelings for the future.

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What our clients say...

"I had some pretty unhealthy vices, which I thought helped me cope. I now have a new healthy way of life! Talking therapy helped me immensely. Thank you for supporting me on my journey"

HugoActor, London

"Amber Therapy Services were a huge support to me when I needed help, I found that my recovery coach was easy to talk to and helped me stay positive. I am forever grateful”

FrancescaArtist, London

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