Bullying is defined as repeated, unwanted behaviour with intent to hurt another person, physically or emotionally. We can help you explore what is happening, your options and responses, in private and without judgement.

You're not alone

Whether you are currently being bullied, have been bullied in the past or are affected by it in another way, many people find counselling helpful. A therapist can help you explore what is happening and your options and responses, in private and without judgement.

Bullying may have affected you at an earlier time in your life, but it may have been a factor in developing other issues such as anxiety, depression or low self-esteem.

What are the types of bullying?

Verbal bullying

This includes calling someone unpleasant names, verbally attacking their appearance or threatening them with physical violence.

Physical bullying

Physically hurting someone by purposely hitting, kicking, punching, scratching to cause pain.

Indirect bullying

Ignoring someone, leaving them out of plans, gossiping or spreading rumours behind their backs or visually attacking them eg threatening looks.


Including sexting (unwanted texts of a sexual nature), hacking social media accounts, instant messages, text messages, emails and posts that belittle, hurt or abuse you. Social networking can bring people together, but it can enable bullies to target their victims’ homes or places of work.

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What our clients say...

“I had some pretty unhealthy vices, which I thought helped me cope. I now have a new healthy way of life! Talking therapy helped me immensely. Thank you for supporting me on my journey”

HugoActor, London

“Amber Therapy Services were a huge support to me when I needed help, I found that my recovery coach was easy to talk to and helped me stay positive. I am forever grateful”

FrancescaArtist, London

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