Straight out of the gate women don’t actually like the ‘nice guy’ or the ‘bad guy’, but I’m going to explain to you why it seems that they like the ‘bad guys’ and why the masculine energy is of such value and importance women. Feminists beware.. a lot of the information I’m going to throw at you, you’re not going to like and therefore are going to try and resist.

  • Attraction

Women are not unattracted because he’s nice, they are unattracted because he lacks other qualities which a woman is not only attracted to but needs to feel good in a relationship. These traits are masculine traits, the men in society that are traditionally labelled as ‘nice guys’ or worse who identify as being a nice guy genuinely tend to lack these traits.

‘Nice guys’ tend to be passive, submissive, inactive, retreating, they tend to follow instead of lead, they can be co-dependent and insecure, they’re usually always agreeable to the degree they lack boundaries and a sense of actually what’s good or safe, they tend to be energetically small, therefore unable to protect and contain a woman.

To the opposite men who are masculine tend to take the leadership role, they are protective, they have direction in life, they are strong, they tend to provide, they have good social skills, they have drive, they’re encouraging, possess confidence, they tend to have high energy levels, they take positive ownership of women in their life, they take action – they provide containment for the feminine.

In other words it has nothing to do with whether or not a guy is nice, or when guys say “no women like me because I’m nice” is actually a total cop out. It’s a way of avoiding looking at the real issue that the men who say that lack the masculine qualities which all women need in a relationship. Niceness needs to be separated completely – a guy could have all the masculine traits and be a super nice guy and pretty much every woman would be interested.

  • Biology

For a woman, physically, it is about matching up with a person who will protect you, produce healthy offspring and provide for you and those offspring. No matter how much the modern world has changed and no matter how much feminists hate to look at that, it’s the still the truth today on a physical biological level. A vulnerable male would make a woman feel that she has to ‘do it all’ herself (fend for herself) In other words she is not with someone who can contain and protect her, therefore all the pressure of the world is on her and that’s not a natural state of being for a female. Fear is woven into her biological experience, it is encoded in her entire nervous system.

  • Feminine and Masculine energy

When a man starts to act passive, submissive, inactive, and retreating, when he makes it a habit to follow and not to lead or becomes agreeable to the degree that he lacks boundaries, when he’s unable to take positive ownership of a women he cannot provide containment, he does not create security, he tends also not to be very responsible. This makes the feminine feel pressured and like the world is on her shoulders – the extreme feminist is then born. Therefore, the roles are flipped, and no one is in their true natural energies.

  • Ownership and Containment

A man who is not in his masculine is a man who cannot create a container and who can positively own a woman (ownership not control). Feminists will hate this, however women want to be owned but not controlled. Women choose to be positively owned, rather than to fend for themselves. Positive ownership is to take something as part of yourself, obviously if something is apart of you it belongs to you in some way. When something becomes part of you it is impossible to hurt that thing without hurting yourself, its impossible for it not to be a priority, or to not act in that things best interest. So, when the masculine energy takes positive ownership of a female, the best interests of that female is the man’s upmost concern. This makes a woman feel safe. Containment is not a limitation – it is to create a safe space for something to exist or some process to occur within that safe place. When it comes to containment with a man and a woman, one of the best analogies is a clam shell and a pearl, the masculine serves as that clam shell that enables a woman to be soft, open and receptive. Women who are not contained often become scared, angry and bitter. The masculine energy allows the feminine energy to bloom. One of the most beautiful things to see in a healthy relationship.


S Elliott

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  • Phoebe says:

    So much truth here! It needs to be said more.
    So many women are scared to admit that they want to be cared for by a masculine man, for fear of what other women will say.
    Love this x x x

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